Dominus Vobiscum: “The Lord Be With You”

Dominus Vobiscum (Latin for “the Lord be with you”) offers one-week retreats for couples and families. The week includes morning and evening liturgy/prayer, a marriage enrichment program, a children’s program, a teen program, and recreational activities.

Dominus Vobiscum (DV) Centre for Marriage and Family serves the English-speaking Catholic community. Inspired by John Paul II’s vision of the family as the way of the church, its mission is to provide support for parents and children facing the challenges of marriage and family life.

A Little Bit of History

Dominus Vobiscum occupies the historic Orelda-Marian camp originally founded by Fathers O’Rourke, Elliott, and Dawson in 1930. By the 1990s facilities had deteriorated and the site was closed. In 1998, the Newman Centre in collaboration with the Foundation of Catholic Community Services launched a major project to rebuild this important facility and to rededicate it to the mission of supporting marriage and family. This project was spearheaded by a large group of dedicated volunteers.


The Centre is situated on 250 acres bordering Lac Maskinongé, approximately 1 hour drive northeast of Montreal. There are 12 cabin units. Each unit is equipped with separate washroom facilities and enough beds to accommodate large families.

The main lodge consists of a large fully equipped kitchen, dining room, recreation areas, and an indoor chapel.

There is a large outdoor play facility for children, volleyball and basketball courts as well as a large field, ideal for a game of soccer, football or ultimate frisbee. The site is blessed with 2 kilometers of wonderful sandy beaches. Click here to view a map of the DV site.

Cost per Week

The cost per week is $500 per family. This includes week-day lunches. This year there is also a late cancellation fee of $75 for cancellations made after June 6.

Daily Life

Our “domestic rule” consists of prayer, faith sharing, and recreation. Programming for couples and children is kept to the morning period (10-12 a.m.) leaving afternoons and evenings free for family time and recreation.

Lunch is provided, but families are responsible for providing and preparing their own breakfast and supper meals. Cooking and dining facilities (including a fridge for each family) are available at the main lodge.

The retreat centre is run by volunteers. In order to maintain this marvelous facility, there is a brief morning clean-up period for basic upkeep on the lodge (kitchen, dining hall clean-up, etc.).

Recreational activities at Dominus Vobiscum include basketball, beach volleyball, soccer, table-tennis, beach-front activities, evening camp fires, board game nights, etc.

Marriage Enrichment Program

Each year our daily marriage enrichment program (Mon-Fri 10-12 p.m.) builds upon contemporary marriage education material available from both secular and faith resources. The programs are aimed at enriching the marriage relationship as well as providing tools to bring back to their local communities.

Children and Teens Program

Our children’s program (Mon-Fri 10-12 p.m.) is led by a group of experienced youth ministers. The program is designed to address different age levels from infants to teens (some older teens assist the youth ministers). The program consists of sports, music, drama, arts & crafts, and catechesis. There is also a separate program for older teens.